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Our Mission

ZAPHARMA CARE was established in 1998 with the sole aim to serve the people with premium quality Beauty and Health Care Instruments and today with the help of GOD Almighty we are one of the most reliable choice of the people not only for our record customer satisfaction, but for our true, honest commitment to product quality and business ethics.

Our Team
ZAPHARMA CARE is always followed up by its aim/mission having a well-equipped manufacturing facility and a highly skilled work force capable enough to meet any challenge we confront with or any target set by our worthy customers. We have an excellent team with high sense of mission responsibility and professional ethics. Our team is dedicated to produce state of the art premium quality Beauty and Health Care Instruments to the utmost precision with the use of the latest and the modern machinery to meet the demands of our valuable customers. Having the quick -response to the markets and strong productivity we supply the guaranteed products with the soonest delivery time .we always do our endeavor to satisfy our clients needs.

ZA PHARMA CARE  has the following certificates in the credit.
1) ISO 9001-2008              2) ISO 13485:2003 Certified (3)CE Marked
ZAPHARMA CARE  Has The Following Certificates In The Credit.
1)   ISO 9001-2015 Certified            
(2)  ISO 13485:2016 Certified
(3)  CE Marked 
(4) (cGMP)
ZAPHARAMA CARE is divided into units.These units are follows:
These genral instruments mainly Scissors, Forceps, and Retractors etc. Quality management system is rendered in the factory to facilities the production and ensure the  quality meets its requirement goals.
The Dental instruments contains all knows of diagnostic, Periodontal & Restorative Instruments, Root elevators, Extracting Forceps, Maxillofacial Surgery Instruments, Orthodontic Instruments, Dental Implants Instruments, Clinical & Dental Instruments Sets, Impression Trays & Hollow Ware.
These Categories of Instruments are Our  Speciality and in Good Quality. 
The orthopaedic instruments units concentrate on providing the techniques in the manufacturing of these fine instruments. Special care is to check the process of the manufacturing. 

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